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Duration: Half day

Location: This briefing is usually offered on-site at the client’s premises, but can be offered at Commerce Decisions’ offices if required. There is no strict limit on attendees, but we recommend no more than 20.

Course description

On any significant procurement project multiple evaluators are involved, often from various different departments and organisations. Effective execution of the evaluation process depends on the whole team having a thorough understanding of the importance of their contribution and working together efficiently and effectively.

This course provides a highly focused bespoke half-day briefing for the evaluation team, which is designed to meet these goals. The briefing covers both the specifics of the evaluation project and a short introduction to AWARD®.

When delivered on a customer site, the briefing is often combined with an ‘AWARD® Dry-run’ which enables attendees to practise what they have learned in an instructor-facilitated environment.

Course objective

The aim of the briefing is to enable the attendees to become efficient and effective evaluators on an AWARD® supported procurement project. Attendees will gain an understanding of their project’s specific evaluation model and approach.

Who should attend?

Evaluators, including subject matter experts who are not part of the immediate project team.

Key topics

  • Answering evaluation questions in AWARD®
  • Using AWARD® offline answer sheets
  • Searching proposal documents and creating traceability to evaluator rationales
  • Raising issues and clarification requests


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