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We support procurements with three distinct engagements - by Project, Programme and Organisation.

Our project support offers short-term, high impact, consulting services to assist with particular aspects of the evaluation.  As well as AWARD® configuration and support, these services include activities such as market engagement, the development of the evaluation strategy and plan, facilitating criteria development and weightings, sensitivity analysis, value for money modelling, reporting and bidder debriefs.  

Ministry of Defence – Project Marshall

UK MOD project teams have engaged with us since 2001, with an enterprise licence in place since 2013.  We have supported over 1,700 projects, varying in size and complexity - the example below is for Project Marshall.

Project Marshall – key air traffic management project to replace the military air infrastructure for the UK and air deployed operations over a 22 year period. 

Project challenges:

  • 10-year procurement process
  • Huge amounts of data.
  • Commercial sensitivity
  • Over 100 AWARD® users during 3-year evaluation – Competitive dialogue with three submission stages

Commerce Decisions worked with the Marshall project team to build a robust set of criteria. This was configured into AWARD®, along with a significant volume of documents to be published to bidders through theAWARD® bidder interaction and dataroom capability. Many thousands of documents were exchanged between the Authority and the bidders during the two dialogue phases. Moreover, many bidder questions were clarified using AWARD®’s clarification management process. The team had to consolidate 70 contracts into a single service provision contract 12 months earlier than planned – use of AWARD® enabled them to successfully manage this project in a robust manner within expedited timescales.

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

The Trust used AWARD® to evaluate bidders on a pathology managed service for the new integrated pathology laboratory at New Cross Hospital. The laboratory was to house microbiology, haematology, clinical chemistry and histopathology units.

We advised on, and supported the development of, the statement of requirement, criteria set and scoring mechanism in order to ensure that deliverability was a key decision driver.

“We chose AWARD® because it provided a means of tightly managing the procurement evaluation process in a transparent way for bidders. This ensured that if bidders identified an issue with the evaluation process, it could be promptly addressed. AWARD® was a simple to use system which allowed a complex evaluation process to be simultaneously completed by several people. The system’s transparency helped to ensure that the contract was awarded with no challenges to the procurement process.” Alain Rolli, Head Biomedical Scientist, Clinical Chemistry.