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Many organisations aspire to improve procurement performance across all their procurement programmes. Commerce Decisions advises on best-practice and how it can be practically applied in an organisation, to deliver more efficient and effective procurement decisions. A pilot project or projects are often identified as a vehicle for skill transfer and process refinement.

Transport for London

Given the scale and complexity of the organisation, the procurement exercises undertaken by Transport for London (TfL) are vast and considerably varied. Having standardised on AWARD® since 2009, the solution provides TfL with the flexibility to deliver on all its various procurements with confidence.  We have supported TfL in putting together an appropriate best practice processes, and AWARD® has been set up with templates to support TfL's approach and processes.  TfL is adopting our SCD and RVfM modules to deliver further benefits and standardisation across the organisation.

Bolton Council

Bolton Council has used the AWARD® evaluation solution to support procurements across the organisation since 2011.

AWARD® was selected to assure that their processes are robust, and followed across all departments, We worked with the procurement team to train key users in the use of the solution, and to develop a set of templates for reuse on projects.

There is a small team in place with good AWARD® knowledge and a set of templates that support all their projects, engendering wide use of the solution across the Council. We supported the Council in aligning and coordinating various aspects of the procurement process:

  • Standardisation of theory and process across departments and stakeholders
  • Managing information
  • An audit trail to demonstrate adherence to self-imposed qualification
  • Support/training for new hires

As well as having a robust and transparent process in place to underpin all procurements, the team has realised significant time efficiencies in having the right information in the right place at the right time.