Strategic procurements involve multiple stakeholders, significant budgets and have a big impact on business performance. They may represent only 20% of procurement transactions, but often account for 50% of annual spend and 90% of procurement risk.

The issues faced by procurement professionals are common throughout the world. Commerce Decisions provides proven software and services to support the effective planning, preparation and execution of a strategic procurement.

We improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the evaluation process in order to make the best buying decision based on all the relevant criteria


The AWARD<sup>®</sup> suite is a collaborative web-based solution set designed specifically to support strategic procurement projects.  AWARD<sup>®</sup> delivers consistent repeatable processes for both project and organisational deployments. It has been proven to reduce time to contract, improve value for money, and reduce risk. AWARD<sup>®</sup> delivers intuitive and robust assessments with strong audit trail; supporting a diverse range of applications including construction programmes, transport and defence systems, IT outsourcing, collaborative frameworks and multi-lot projects. 

Innovative SCD (Structured Criteria Development) and RVfM (Real Value for Money) modules enhance the core AWARD<sup>®</sup> Evaluation, Dataroom and Interaction modules to deliver the most comprehensive strategic evaluation capability available on the market.  For more details on the modules, please click on the icons below.

The AWARD<sup>®</sup> solution has been used globally by the defence, aerospace and utilities industries, healthcare and local and central government in a wide range of procurements of differing sizes and complexity, collectively worth over $350 billion.



AWARD<sup>®</sup> provides a structured decision-making process which results in decisions that are rigorous, robust and defensible (internally and externally).

AWARD<sup>®</sup> promotes/enforces the adoption of open and fair assessment processes in line with best practice and procurement legislation.

AWARD<sup>®</sup> provides access control by user and/or document folders.


AWARD<sup>®</sup> is available on a Cloud-based (Software As A Service) or installed model.

AWARD<sup>®</sup> supports the collaborative involvement of teams in the procurement process.

AWARD<sup>®</sup> provides the ability to search documents with ‘key word search’.

AWARD<sup>®</sup> removes the inefficiencies of paper-based approaches.


AWARD<sup>®</sup> promotes effective project management through provision of real-time progress and analysis reports.

Promotes informed decision making and negotiation to help choose the right supplier, negotiate the best resulting contract and maximise value for money.

Our services team provides differing levels of support, dependent on the needs of each client or project.

  • Thought-leadership and best practice advice
    Our experts provide the knowledge and experience to help you in all stages of the procurement life cycle.  Services include the delivery of our Real Value for Money (RVfM) and Structured Criteria Development (SCD) methodologies.
  • AWARD® support
    We offer a range of services to help clients adopt and make best use of the AWARD® solution; these include support with configuration, evaluation and reporting as well as building templates.
  • Training courses
    We offer both AWARD® training (for evaluators, project managers/administrators) and courses covering best-practice methodologies.
  • AWARD® Support Desk
    Our support desk provides direct technical support to our customers by phone and email during UK office hours.
  • ExpertAssist
    The ExpertAssist package offers AWARD® users help and support above and beyond the standard AWARD® helpdesk. Primarily a phone/email service, our expertly trained staff offer guidance through the creation, management and evaluation of projects in AWARD®. Expert Assist users will also receive a bi-monthly newsletter, including the latest news, FAQs and expert insight. To view an example of our Expert Assist newsletter, click here.


With accumulated knowledge derived from supporting in excess of $400billion of procurement, Commerce Decisions works with the bidder community to improve efficiency, proposal quality, and compliance to buyers’ evaluation practices.

We understand the pressures of delivering a robust, defensible bid proposal. Limited time to complete the response combined with inherent bid complexity, and the limited availability of subject matter experts and reviewers can compromise the result. The coordination of subject matter experts and proposal documentation becomes an even greater challenge when the team is geographically dispersed. Often the only way to share and update documentation is through inefficient and problematic exchanges of email. Geography and conflicting schedules can also impact the effectiveness of formal reviews. A traditional Red Team Review relies on the availability of completed draft documentation and the co-location of the review team in order to make consensus recommendations on improvements to proposal deficiencies.

The AWARD<sup>®</sup> bid management solution enables bidders to produce bid responses efficiently – increasing bid quality and maximising the chance of winning a competitive tender process.  



Best practice methodologies
Value for money options
Robust, defensible decisions
Legislative, regulatory requirements


What is weighting for? 
Weighting methods to deliver the best outcome
Sensitivity analysis 
Legal considerations 


Start with the end in mind 
Make evaluation criteria design decisions early  
What needs to be assured to ensure success 
Identify what needs to be evaluated 

Maximising Marking

Shaping to maximise marking
Understand the marking structure of the tender evaluation and plan how to achieve maximum marks.

Position to win
An iterative process to help bidders fully understand how they will score most effectively to establish a winning position.

Executive Summary & Value Proposition
A structured, proven approach to align more effectively with key decision makers and structure the benefits offered in the most convincing way.

Review from an Evaluator’s perspective
The ADVANCE™ solution supports multiple types of reviews, including the creation of an independent review which will identify and inform the areas that require focus and improvement.

Red Team Facilitation
Supported by ADVANCE™, our Facilitation service reflects the structure, management and facilitation of a Red Team, final document review. It has been designed to provide valuable, independent additional resource to improve the overall quality of the review.

Retrospective Review
Providing a unique independent viewpoint, our Retrospective Review helps bidders to identify areas for improvement as well as examples of best practice, to increase the chances of future success.


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