Commerce Decisions has over 15 years extensive and successful evaluation support experience on some of the world’s largest and most strategic programmes. This background enables us to deliver a robust and defensible procurement process to our clients; proven time and again across many sectors including construction, transport, education, health, defence and facilities management. To date, Commerce Decisions has supported over $350 billion of projects internationally.

We are widely recognised by our clients as trusted providers of robust, best practice procurement advice that is independent of any supplier interests. Clients can be assured that the procurement services provided by our world class experts will always only serve the best interests of the client.

Drawing on our accumulated experience and knowledge, we are in a unique position to also offer a bid review service to tenderers, equally so for procurements that are using AWARD<sup>®</sup> as for those that are not.

Drawing on our accumulated experience and knowledge, Commerce Decisions is in a unique position to also offer a bid review service to tenderers, both for teams that are using AWARD® for procurements as well as those that are not.  We have been supporting bidders for over 10 years with our independent bid review service, focusing attention on the buyer’s priorities and supporting the development of compelling, coherent proposals. Our bid support service has been proven to add up to a 7% increase to the bid score.

The ADVANCE™ solution is an expert consultancy-led bid management solution designed to support bidders to deliver the best possible outcome.  ADVANCE™ helps bidders fully understand the marking structure of a tender evaluation, supports them in planning effectively and maximises their chance of achieving the highest scoring bid.

This innovative service-led solution comprises  a Bidder Training Course and four distinct phases of support, underpinned by the ADVANCE™ software.

The ADVANCE™ software solution brings focus and structure to the bidding process. It supports Bid Managers in developing the maturity of documents and ensuring authors stay aligned with their writing plans. It helps Bid Managers to focus their time whilst also prioritising where their authors’ time is best spent through each review stage.

ADVANCE™ provides the ability to import and export from AWARD or Excel/Office, streamlining the administration associated with these activities and minimising the chance of errors. The buyer's criteria and weighting structure is mirrored in ADVANCE™. The marking structure is broken down, bringing insight and clarity for Bid Managers and indicating in real time which answers will have the greatest impact on the overall success of the bid based on the current vs. target score.

Throughout the review stages, the ADVANCE™ software solution empowers a robust and rigorous process and final answer improvement activities.

In short, ADVANCE™ brings clarity and cohesion to an intrinsically complicated and drawn out process. It ensures bidders maximise their ability to increase their scores in areas where they are weakest. and focuses them on the questions that afford the greatest gain.



ADVANCE™ Support

We offer a range of services to help clients adopt and make best use of the ADVANCE™ Bid Management solution. Our Bidder Training and Seminars provide expert guidance on buyers/bidder relationships; in which both parties can commit to the best possible outcome to achieve success. Our Seminars provide an introduction to the interpretation of buyers’ requirements, exploring where to best focus your efforts and respond most effectively to establish a winning position.

This innovative service-led solution comprises a Bidder Training Course and four distinct phases of support; Maximising marking and three review stages, summariesd below.

Bidder training course

Bidder training course

Our 1-day training course introduces the challenges that Government buyers face and how Commerce Decisions’ methodologies and software help address them. It helps bidders to recognise when our methodologies are being used and how they can prepare the best possible bid submission.


Shaping to maximise marking
Understand the marking structure of the tender evaluation and plan how to achieve maximum marks.

Position to win
An iterative process to help bidders fully understand how they will score most effectively to establish a winning position.

Executive Summary & Value Proposition
A structured, proven approach to align more effectively with key decision makers and structure the benefits offered in the most convincing way.


Review from an Evaluator’s perspective
The ADVANCE™ solution supports multiple types of reviews, including the creation of an independent review which will identify and inform the areas that require focus and improvement.

Red Team Facilitation
Supported by ADVANCE™, our Facilitation service reflects the structure, management and facilitation of a Red Team, final document review. It has been designed to provide valuable, independent additional resource to improve the overall quality of the review.

Retrospective Review 
Providing a unique independent viewpoint, our Retrospective Review helps bidders to identify areas for improvement as well as examples of best practice, to increase the chances of future success.


We offer several onsite and open training courses on AWARD<sup>®</sup> and procurement best practice.


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